City of Bakersfield Employee Group Life Insurance Plan

In addition to being a great college, Stanford University  has a pretty good voluntary group life insurance plan for employees. However, as you get older, group plans can get restrictive and expensive relative to the private market.

Max. Voluntary Coverage

Spousal Option 

Coverage Reduction Based on Age

Up to $500K


Max. $500K

Coverage reduce to 65% at age 65, 50% at age 70, and 35% at age 75.

Plan Overview

Bequest Mutual does its best to provide complete and accurate information. However, we rely upon the plan providers to make the information available. As a result, information, such as age-related coverage reductions, may not always be complete. Please consult with your plan documents if you have concerns regarding this matter.

Using the quote tool in combination with the Smart GLIX voluntary coverage comparison calculator, you will be able to decide what move, if any, is the right action.

Simply fill out the quote form and you will be  prompted to an underwriting questionnaire. The questionnaire is essential to providing you with an accurate rate quote.

Upon submission of the questionnaire, you will see rates from top carriers, broken down by rate, exam requirements, and living benefits options.  Bequest Mutual lists the carriers we recommend at the top of the page, but you are free to choose any carrier listed.

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