Who We Are

Well, the "we" is really me, Jim Tobin and  technology expert , Idris Adesina. We haven't used pluralism's because we want people to think we are some huge agency (in fact it's just the opposite), the reason I use terms like "we" is because one day we will retire and will want to be able to seamlessly hand the Agency  off to an experienced agent who can watch over the clients who have policies here.

As for me, I am a Certified Financial Planner who is an evangelist for life insurance. Unlike nearly all other CFP's I do not seek to take assets under management in exchange for an  annual fee. I was previously involved in the securities world and have come to believe that life insurance is a far more transparent business. I'm also not that interested in getting calls at home every time the market hiccups.

As part of my advocacy for life insurance I contribute  to the Preferred Best Project blog. The Preferred Best Project tracks how health improvements are viewed by life insurance companies. You can follow along with me and see how improving weight, blood pressure, cholesterol & sugar will save you money.

In addition to being an advocate for life insurance I am a dedicated baseball fan, a volunteer ESL teacher, pet lover, news junkie & a decent cook. I am a graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University (gov. & public Policy) and live in Norwalk, CT with my beautiful wife Nicole.

What We Are

Bequest Mutual is an independent life insurance agency. Nearly every page on this site mentions the importance of shopping independently for life insurance. While that may sound (and be) self serving, it is also demonstrably true. For evidence of this statement, please click here.   

The goal of the Bequest Mutualis to provide a friendly and consultative service. That means providing sound advice and a transparent process. This is the path to a healthy long term relationship.

After all, hopefully you will be keeping your policy for quite awhile.

Should you have a question or need to make change , I'm betting you would rather deal with an experienced agent who has treated you well than a quota driven call center. that pressured your buying decision. The promise of the Bequest Mutual is that you will be treated like a valued client.


Bequest Mutual is currently operated out of my home office in Norwalk, CT. However, the wonder of the internet (and non-resident insurance license) make physical location unimportant. If you are located in the United States we would like to hear from you.


You can start the process of shopping for life insurance any time you are in front of a computer or smart phone. Your inquiry will be sent to us via email and we will get back to you as soon as practical (no midnight calls).


The process of applying for life insurance is pretty straight forward. We have laid the process "step by step" for you on the home page.

We hope to hear from you soon.