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Why You May Want A Customized Life Insurance Quote

While we are immensely proud of the FEGLI2TERM comparison quote tool, instant quotes, like the ones you get using the quote tool are forced to rely on incomplete information. They provide fast pricing information that is accurate as long as the health class is accurately decided.

If .however, you have a complicated health history that is not easily analyzed by the quote tool, a custom quote may be needed to decide if there is a suitable alternative to Federal Employee Group Life Insurance.

This is a situation where an experienced independent agent can be a lot of help. At we will shop your situation against the underwriting guidelines of 50 + top rated carriers and provide you with the best options for your situation. 

What About Other Criteria Like Credit Ratings, Speed Of Policy Issue Or Skipping The Exam?

Because clients differ on what constitutes the "the best option",  for some it's rate, others speed of issue or "no exam", we request that you fill out the questionnaire below. The information you provide will be the basis on which we shop for the "best" policy options as you define them. 

Custom Quote Request

In order for you to receive the most accurate quote from our service, we encourage you to answer all of the following questions.

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