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Are The Quotes Received From Internet Quote Tools Accurate?

The rates are accurate for the health condition selected. However, most people are overly optimistic or pessimistic about their health. The overwhelming majority of applicants are classified as Standard (good but not great health). If you choose to have the quote tool use your answers to specific health questions, the more likely you will see the rate that will be offered by the life insurance carrier.

How do I Know If The Insurance Carrier Is Legitimate And Highly Rated? 

This is a fair question, and it is why at No BS quote we only recommend carriers with AM Best ratings of A or better. The quote tool will always show the financial rating of the carrier.

Which Is The Best Carrier For Life Insurance?

We know that it is an unsatisfying answer, but it really depends on your situation. Because different carriers have different risk appetites and clients all have differing needs, it comes down to the whether the applicant is looking for the best price, the fastest policy issue or the most lenient underwriting.  Because No BS Quote is independent, we can accommodate all these situations.

What Information Is Used To Determine The Underwriting Class?

The answer to this question depends on the type of coverage you are looking for:

For Burial Insurance there are far fewer and less invasive questions. They will generally check you prescription history and about any hospitalizations. Additionally, most will ask your height and weight and a few questions about serious diseases. There are never exams with burial insurance.

With Term Insurance there are several factors that go into determining your underwriting class, and different carriers have differing risk appetites for specific conditions. That being said, the major inputs into determining rate class are Age, Gender, Build (ht. & wt.) , Prescription Medications, Driving History, Medical History.  Most term carrier now offer a no exam option. However, if you have health complications, a para medical exam may be required.

Are The Rates Fixed? Does The Benefit Ever Change or Expire?

Burial Insurance is whole life insurance. This means that as long as the premium is payed, the policy will never expire, the rates will not go up, and the benefit will never go down. 

Term insurance rates are fixed for the term of the policy. At the end of the policy, the coverage expires, often with the option to continue at an annual renewable rate (which is much more expensive.)

Are No-Exam Options Always Available? Do They Cost More?

For Burial Insurance, there are never exams. However, the underwriters will check your prescription history.

For Term Insurance, there are almost always no exam options available. However, if you have a more complex medical history, it may make sense to choose a carrier that requires a para medical exam.

How Much Time Does It Take To Get A Policy Approved And Issued?

The answer to the "how much time?" question, depends  on the type of insurance and the complexity of the medical history.

Burial Insurance applications almost always receive a decision immediately. In rare cases they may take a day or two. 

Term Insurance can take anywhere from twenty minutes to two months or longer.  The vast discrepancy is due to the amount of time it takes to get a doctor's office to return a request for an Attending Physicians Statement or APS. While it can be inconvenient, it makes sense that term policies take longer to issue, being that the carrier is on the hook for significantly larger amounts of money than burial policies.

What is The Payment Process And What Options Are Available?

Payments can be made monthly, quarterly and annually. There is often a savings of just under 5% to pay annually. Most applicants choose to pay monthly by electronic funds transfer (ETF) from their checking account. Some Term Insurance carriers will take credit cards for annual payments  and  a couple of the more expensive Burial Insurance companies will take Debit Express. No BS Quotes only processes credit cards for annual payments and does not recommend burial insurers who take debit express.

Will My Policy Be Mailed To Me Or Do I need To Print It Off The Computer?

Most all carriers will mail a hard copy of the policy to the policy holder upon issue. If a situation arises where you are recommended to an insurance carrier that is no longer mailing policies, No BS Quote will print and mail a copy to you. 

 Jim Tobin and the No BS Quote team saved me almost $100 a month by switching my 20 year term life insurance policy from one of the mutual companies that advertise on television all the time.

Jerry Gallagher

Milford, CT

James treated me like a real person and not just a number to process. In my experience, this is in stark contrast to other agencies dealing with insurance.

Katherine Clark

Escanaba, MI

Instant Rates... Check It Out

Pro tips for Instant Quote Tools

The rates shown are accurate for the rate class chosen. The more information the quote tool has, the more accurate the quote will be. You have 2 options to choose from:

I. Choose your health condition yourself

   If you choose this option, the more conservative you are, the less likely you will be disappointed when the application is underwritten. The overwhelming percentage of applicants are rated Standard which equates to good but not great health.

II. Choose to answer the health questionnaire

If you choose to answer the 8 health questions, the likelihood of a quote that accurately reflects your health rating goes up considerably.