Coverage Amount

$ 100,000

$ 250,000

$ 500,000

Monthly Premium

$ ________

$ ________

$ ________

How This Banner life term policy Works:

Term Life Insurance Policy

Premiums are fixed for term of coverage

Amount of coverage is fixed for term 

Fixed rate expires at end of term 

Policy may be converted to permanent policy without further underwriting.

Term policies do not build cash value


This term policy will protect your loved ones for the period of the term with no changes to the amount of coverage or the fixed rate.

You may  be able to convert this policy to a permanent product without further underwriting and at the expiration of the term you may be offered to continue the policy on an annual basis at a new rate.

You may choose to pay upfront to bind your policy and protect your family during the underwriting process or you may wait until you receive an offer to provide payment information.


If you have a question not answered here, call us at 1-855-460-1400 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

What is the application process?

First, no money is required when you apply. You may choose to pay at application and protect yourself during the underwriting process (note that if you are declined, you will be rebated the initial premium.) Alternately, you may provide payment information at the time of approval.

 Banner Life dictates that  you must speak to an agent to confirm your application data.. You can call us at 1 855 460-1400, or if you apply on our site, we ll call  you at the  number provided on the application. Our standard hours are 9-5 EST although we will accommodate your schedule if you choose to make an appointment. While inconvenient, these confirmation calls generally take 15 minutes or less , an are  required in order to obtain coverage.

What's covered?

This term life insurance policy will pay out the death benefit to the named beneficiaries. The proceeds are in most cases conferred on the beneficiary with no tax obligation.

There is a 2 year exclusion for suicide.

What about the medical exam?

Bequest Mutual does its' best to avoid medical exams whenever possible. Banner Life will review your answers to the application questions as well as your pharmacy history, driving record, and potentially your medical records to determine if an exam is required.  If required, you will be notified immediately to schedule an exam or decide on an alternate carrier.

Why use Bequest Mutual?

Bequest Mutual is an independent agency licensed to sell Banner life insurance products. We also offer 30+ other  other insurance carriers.  The advantage of working with bequest Mutual is that you get experienced help from an independent agent not tied to any single company. Bequest mutual has the same goal you do: find the carrier and coverage that best suits your needs and budget.

You will not pay anything additional by using this service.  Insurance rates are set at the state level by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner. This simply means that the rates of like products are the same whether you use an agent or go direct to a carrier. 

Why forgo the experienced help  The alternative is to buy insurance from a "captive" agent who has no choice but to make your case "fit" with his company.  This is a recipe for a "less than ideal" outcome. 

This marketing material is promotional and not intended to promise or imply approval of an application.  Banner Life Insurance's term life insurance is subject to underwriting approval. Coverage and specific riders may not be available in all states. © 2022 Bequest Mutual, All rights reserved.

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