Compare Carriers & Save up To 70% With No Medical Exam Required*

* Must have had full physical within the last 18 moths if age 50 or over,  within 3 years if under  the age of 50.   If you have not had a physical in more than 3 years, policies are available with  a para-medical exam. 

If you would like to compare your work sponsored optional life insurance coverage with a private market alternative you actually OWN, just click below and get started. 

Interested in shopping for simple term life insurance (with no exams) ? If so, this is a great place to start. Just click below and get accurate quotes from the top 20 A rated companies. 

Would you like to support your favorite charity with life insurance? smart Bequest is focused on helping clients  through the hurdles of naming a charity as your beneficiary.

Why Choose Bequest Mutual?

"A Better Life Insurance Buying Experience"


We know you have plenty of choices when deciding whom to obtain your life insurance through, and our goal is to make you thrilled that you chose Bequest Mutual. Some of the reasons why we succeed:

  • Better Technology (see the GLIX quote!)
  • Better Rates (50+ Carriers competing for your business)
  • Primary carriers rated "A" or better
  • No medical exams required in most cases
  • Total transparency
  • Charitable focus

Customer Reviews

"James treated me like a real person and not just a number to process. In my experience, this is in stark contrast to other agencies dealing with insurance.

He followed up immediately from day 1 of my first inquiry. He was fully knowledgeable about how to navigate the waters of qualifying for life insurance.

His customer service was the best I have EVER experienced. But most importantly he treated my application with respect and compassion.

I would recommend his services to anyone regardless of their background or health history. James you are the best! 

Katherine Clark

Escamba, MI


      Jim Tobin and the Bequest Mutual team saved me almost $100 a month by switching my 20 year term life insurance policy from one of the mutual companies that advertises on television all the time.

The previous carrier had rated my health lower than the nationally known company that Jim submitted my application to, and to my pleasant surprise, he was right.  I couldn't be  happier with the service received or the final result. "

Gerald Gallagher

Milford, CT

The Process: What You Can Expect

The life insurance process is largely the same with most applications. Below, we have outlined what steps you can anticipate and the likely timetable. High risk applications may take longer.

  • Choose Quote - Select coverage that comfortably fits your budget.
  • Submit Application -  We will review your online application for final submission.  
  • *Carrier Requirements - Underwriter phone interview -Only if required, Medical exam - Only if required
  • Await Underwriting - 10 minutes - 2 weeks depending on the health and company.
  • Receive Offer - Review the terms of your coverage and set up payment authorization.
  • Policy Delivery - You will receive e-delivery of your policy as well as having a hard copy mailed to you.
Insurance Image

*Most policies are issued without a medical exam

*Carrier phone interviews generally last 10-15 minutes.

  Life Insurance Approved With Existing Health Conditions?

Life Insurance carriers will entertain applications from people with all sorts of health impairments. Approval, and the health class approved at, will be determined by your complete health and lifestyle profile. The insurer's underwriting group will investigate any prescriptions you have been written, medical records from your physician, the results from a  paramedical exam, your motor vehicle records and your financial condition. Read more about navigating existing health conditions.

Financial ratings of Our Core Carriers

While we are willing to make exceptions if need be, Bequest Mutual prefers to stick to carriers who are rated A or better from the major ratings agencies.  We provide financial rating information on all the carriers we recommend. Simply check the review of the carrier you are interested in or click here.

Below is an example of the financial information we provide on our recommended carriers.




Banner Life is a subsidiary of Legal & General. Legal & General  is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.  With 1.3 million U.S. customers, $734 Billion  of in force coverage, over $5 Billion in assets, Legal & General is a major force in the life insurance market. Banner is sold in 49 states and is sold under subsidiary William Penn in the state of New York.

The Best term Life Insurance companies

For some things like customer service or product offerings, it's not too difficult to make comparisons. However, in many cases, the answer is that it truly depends on the individual application. While this is not the narrow answer that you may be looking for, it is the reality. 

Because different carriers have different appetites for the risks that they want to cover, and these appetites are expressed by the health rating they assign you,  it will depend on your health and any specific health condition you face. For these reasons, this site has compared both pricing and condition specific underwriting for several top carriers. You can read reviews of specific carriers here.


Jim Tobin, CFP

Idris Adesina, IT 

The life insurance team at Bequest Mutual is headed by Jim Tobin, Jim is an experienced agent and a Certified Financial Planner. Mr. Tobin has worked in financial services for four decades and is confident in his ability to find the best deal available in the marketplace to anyone seeking coverage.

As a technology driven agency, Bequest Mutual pride's itself on proprietary processes. The IT development team is headed by Idris Adesina. Mr. Adesina is relied on to make sure that everything "tech" is seamless and secure. 

Bequest Mutual limits the amount of processing needed by promoting no exam options whenever possible. When more extensive processing is required, Bequest Mutual leverages its's relationships with some of the biggest and best known insurance field organizations in the country.  

Jim Tobin, CFP

Idris Adesina, IT